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21 November 2021, 01:45 AM

Why a ‘knee’ is rarely a knee

A Talk by John (JP) Polley

It always baffled JP before he developed his skill set, why people with “bad knees” took up cycling. They had a ‘knee problem’, and their solution was to take up a sport that involves putting MORE force through the knees. Why would they do that? The obvious answer being cycling was pain free. So do they have a knee problem or not? Well, when talking about knee dysfunction and pain, or ANY uncomfortable area of the body for that matter – neck, shoulders, low back and so on, the positive change JP has witnessed in his clients were the result of looking beyond the symptom being presented. In his decade-long exploration of the myofascial system, JP has over one thousand successful client cases and a wealth of experience to share some insights into where you might look to help all those many clients (and yourselves) with their problem areas. This will expand your mind and skill set!

  • Learn how the human anatomy is an advanced biotensegrity system
  • Understand how elastic forces are transmitted through the body
  • Learn that the source of dysfunction and pain is often elsewhere in the body
  • Learn some of the ‘go to’ areas for different movement dysfunctions
  • Learn ways of effectively freeing myofascial tissue

Categories covered

  • Exercise Prescription
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