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20 November 2021, 08:00 PM

Whose goal is it anyway? How to stop damaging your clients chance at success

A Talk by Chris White

Health Professionals constantly strive for results. Results drive referrals and retention while determining the make or break of lasting rapport. Clients feeling as though they are treading water at any point in the process can disrupt and breakdown their desire to stay engaged with their supporting professionals and when retention is 9 times cheaper than finding a client this is not something we ignore. Understanding the biases in our genetics, specific neurochemistry or ultimately HOW your brain works, can make sure your communication is inspiring and not demotivating to your clients. Summarising 1000s of hours of experience and an untold study on human psychology to give FitPro’s the skills they need to know themselves and their clients well enough to continually amplify their impact.

– FitPro’s will be able to identify key factors in how individuals interpret information & how that influences motivation and rapport – FitPro’s will be able to identify their own biases and how that influence client communications and relationships. – FitPro’s will be able to understand and identify biological drivers and tendencies that create motivational differences between people. – Immediate skills – Personalised communication Skills, Personalised Goal setting, Advanced Coaching Techniques and methods to broaden their success across demographics.

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