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19 November 2021, 11:30 PM

The Art of Coaching you – The Tactile

A Talk by Ian O'Dwyer

How many of you have had a great coach in your life; in sport, business or relationships? Great coaches ask great questions, BUT more importantly, listen intently to the answers! How many of us are great coaches to our clients but not to ourselves? We coach our clients to be aware, but do we listen to what OUR tissues are telling us? The “Tactile Component” is about “identifying” what the tissues are, “feeling” what they are sharing and then “applying” what they require…I would call that great coaching! This is a compelling session, empowering all people to move, feel and live better; don’t we deserve that?

– Identify tissues that are consistently ignored – Improve awareness of tissue feedback – Experience innovative techniques changing tissue instantly – Empower yourself to move, feel and live better.

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  • Exercise Prescription
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