Ian O'Dwyer

Stress in the tissues and how it shows up

A Talk by Ian O'Dwyer

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“These are testing times in the world. Very few people I see aren’t affected physically, mentally or emotionally. People are in pain yet, are incredibly disconnected from the source and can’t manage or provide a solution.

What are your stress levels at present? What patterns are you creating due to environmental drivers? Can you identify them? More importantly, have you got a strategy? There are many solutions in our industry but are they working? Are they sustainable? Do they create longevity and happiness?

Join me, and become more aware of strategic self-care, tissue management systems in your life.”

– Define various stress and the body’s reaction – Understand the shifting paradigm of stress – Identify the signs of stress – Discover potential powerful solutions

20 November 2021, 09:15 PM

09:15 PM - 10:15 PM

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Ian O'Dwyer

Ian O'Dwyer