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20 November 2021, 09:15 PM

Solving the mystery of hormones, body composition, health & disease

A Talk by Dr Cam McDonald

Did you know that exercise and/or protein aren’t the driving factors in muscle growth. Did you know that all of the diseases and states of optimal health are rarely primarily influenced by nutrition and exercise? Your clients’ bodies change based on the entire environment around them. Protein, carbs, HIIT training, weights all stimulate genes which in turn promote hormonal change, it is these hormones that actually create the change. However, the wrong weather, social environment, career choice, mindset, menstrual cycle, age or disease state dramatically change these hormones and can ruin all the perfect movement and nutrition programming you have them working through. And, did you know that every individual needs a slightly different hormonal balance to achieve THEIR best result. This session will help you understand why the whole picture is necessary if you want consistent results that your clients truly value, and provide you the confidence to be certain in your promise of delivering to each and everyone of them.

– Understand how hormones influence and drive body composition change, health and disease – Understand the individual differences between people and how this understanding can prevent the appearance of ‘non-responders’ – Understand the factors that influence hormone levels, body composition and how this differs for different individuals – Know the case studies of how 2 meals per day and heavy strength training is ideal for one person, but will cause join pain, water retention and tiredness in another.

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