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19 November 2021, 11:30 PM

Screw Group Exercise; Cue Group Experience

A Talk by Vanessa Leone and Emma Masters

Group Exercise is the fastest growing aspect of the fitness industry and is well known to be the best retention tool for any facility. How do the best instructors stand out from the crowd and pack out class after class? Learn how to by taking a deep dive into learning styles, connection, internal and external motivators, cueing & behaviour change. Feel the impact of this during a hands-on practical session that will transform your music selection, body language and group presence. Group exercise is the gateway to retention whether in big box gyms or boutique. Improve your practical skills and feel confident to work with any size group.

– History of Group Exercise, from then ’til now – Learning Styles – The science behind how people learn – Connection – What happens in the brain and body when you develop connection? How do you develop connection? – External motivation – The 360 degree approach to creating a group experience environment – Behaviour Change – science behind intrinsic motivation and how to manipulate that for your members – Creating the experience – putting it together in your studio or class room

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