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Questions before commands

A Talk by John (JP) Polley

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JP wants to share some key secrets and lessons for the ultimate client experience straight from his vast experience as a movement coach, exercise consultant, educator, mentor and growth coach. He has recognised, that as an industry of ‘guidance’ and ‘instruction’ we can often become focused on building our knowledge base and using this to ‘prescribe’ exercise, movement and good habits. If, after all, someone entrusts themselves to us, requesting our help, it’s up to us to provide the answers and deliver the appropriate instructions. However, this approach can leave our clients inadequately serviced, not fully assisted toward their goals or even taken in totally the wrong direction. The power of a few, specific, powerful and revealing questions can transform both YOUR coaching and THEIR experience. JP, Exercise Association of New Zealand Educator of the Year 2019, wants to guide you through which questions to ask, how, why, when and with whom, for maximum results! When we put ego aside and the client at the centre of everything, your partnership can deliver transformation on mental, emotional and physical levels.

  • The power of focused questions
  • Where ‘open’ questions can be so effective
  • Which questions to use and why
  • What to do with your answers
  • Using questions as tools for connection

20 November 2021, 12:45 AM

12:45 AM - 01:45 AM

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John (JP) Polley

John (JP) Polley