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20 November 2021, 09:15 PM

Periodisation – not just for athletes - Deep Dive 2hr 15 min session

A Talk by Vanessa Leone

How many trainers lose clients to injury and burnout each year? 2020 saw the industry shift towards online workouts and platforms and away from 1:1 training. So how do you retain your clients and create an edge to gain referrals? This session will give you the tools to create your own long term training plans and calendars for your clients. You will walk away knowing how to influence long lasting behaviour change in your clients so they will keep training with you because they love it and love the benefits!

– Understand how emotion rules our clients needs and wants in training – Learn how to ‘translate’ those wants into a periodised training calendar – Learn how to easily create a template for periodisation you can use for any and all your clients

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  • Exercise Prescription
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