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One size does NOT fit all

A Talk by Christie Houghton

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This practical session will demonstrate how to cater to individual women’s needs in a group session to ensure different fitness levels and contraindications to exercise are catered for while taking into consideration what stage your female clients may be in ( eg. pregnancy, post natal, training to their cycle, perimenopause etc) This session is beneficial for both female and male trainers who train females… we cover it all (as you should be also) to ensure your female clients get what they need from a session every time!

– identify that women are not small men; their physiology / hormones need to be taken into consideration. – consider the stages of a women’s life and how their training needs to be adapted within each – review a ‘traffic light’ system as a way for clients to take ownership of their workout in order for you to cater accordingly – demonstrate how a group fitness session can cater to different needs, levels, stages so individuals get a more personalised approach to their session. – identify adaptations for common contraindications to exercise and how this can be implemented in a group scenario. – learn mindfulness strategies to incorporate into a client / group session to immediately drop cortisol levels and recharge female clients.

20 November 2021, 03:15 AM

03:15 AM - 04:15 AM

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Christie Houghton

Christie Houghton