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21 November 2021, 12:30 AM

Muscle tear and nutritional repair

Muscle tear can be a devastating blow to both the regular gym advocate and the athlete, at times having a recuperation period of eight weeks plus. Physical rehabilitation can be coupled with specialised nutritional support to assist in rapid and appropriate tissue regeneration.

Learning Outcomes: -Identify main muscle groups that are injured in this cohort stats and figures in Australia and NZ -Identify the main reasons why and how muscles tear -Discuss various comorbidities in the age group that may increase muscle tear -Provide sensible evidence-based approaches to nutrients and foods increase the speed of recovery in muscle tear

Assoc. Prof. Teresa Mitchell - Paterson

ADV DIP NAT, BHSc Complementary Medicine, MHSc Nutritional Medicine, Post Grad Oncology Nutrition Certification.

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