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Maximising your impact – How personalised PT can take you into your passion area

A Talk by Dr Cam McDonald

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Have you ever wanted to have more impact? Fitness professionals are poised to being one of the most important catalysts in the change of our culture and health. This huge shift comes from putting people in the right environment based on their genetics and current health, whether it be at work, home or in any other situation they are in. Have you ever thought about what it would be like to completely re-write the way a company looks after their staff’s wellness, educate leaders on more fully understanding their followers, or supporting teachers in how they can better influence their students by knowing exactly what will enhance their learning experience and health at the same time, or giving parents their health back while supporting them to understand their children better to enhance their health and development. The keystone to all of this change is understanding biological uniqueness, how we develop, what makes us thrive, and the science is here to put this pivotal intel into the hands of every fitness professional who wants to drive massive change. Learn about the areas where you can chase your passion, see the case studies of organisational, educational, parental and wellness change, and be inspired to broaden your horizons and wake up every day knowing that you are maximising your potential

Fitness professionals have the skills, passion and positioning to impact people in every walk of life. However, so often careers feel narrow as it needs to exist within a box of ‘gym members, small studio, outdoor boot camps’ where the maximum impact comes from interactions with people in relation to their fitness and physical wellbeing. With the advances in personalised health, we now know that people’s health influence how they feel when they wake up, how they work, how they parent, how they teach, how they lead and how they interact with everyone in their life

– Understand the fulfilment and commercial benefits that come from being able to take fitness skills into areas that drive your passion and purposeful life – Know how biological uniqueness applies to each of these areas – Understand the pathway for engaging with groups outside the normal fitness professional channels – Know the methods and results of case studies in these areas that demonstrate the larger impact individuals can have on the world around them

19 November 2021, 09:45 PM

09:45 PM - 10:45 PM

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Cam McDonald

Dr Cam McDonald