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19 November 2021, 11:30 PM

Look for the lessons – Look for the teachers

A Talk by Mark Davis

Ever wonder why the same stuff keeps coming up in your life over and over? Ever wonder why you keep attracting stuff that pushes your buttons? Ever wonder why the big journeys in your life have a common theme? Ever wonder if you could possibly be a feature in someone else’s journey – just because you happen to run into them every week? Well, this session offers some things that great teachers have been teaching you for years – it’s just that you might not have known it, recognised it or acted on it.

• Explore wonderful world of applied philosophy as it relates to fitness types. • Identify some key subjects offered in the University of Life. • Consider the potential for unfoldment and personal development in the most mundane situations. • Relate the themes of “The Hero Journey” that appear in the big experiences of your life and the lives of your clients, colleagues, and friends. • Find out how easy it can be to give back.

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