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21 November 2021, 12:30 AM

How literally do you feel?

A Talk by John (JP) Polley

Interoception is a sense just as significant as sight or hearing when it comes to movement, mind and emotions. The interoceptive system will give carry the signals that will tell you all about how good, or bad, your body is feeling at any one time. Interpreting the feedback of this system can be the difference between predicting injury, illness or success in many different scenarios in exercise, and in life. And when you see where all the vast array of nerve endings are located, you’ll realise core training can never be viewed in the same way, ever again! Join JP as he explains how understanding interoception will give you an insight into your clients worlds like never before. It’s links into physical responses, energy availability, wellbeing, emotions, organ function, gut health, immunity and even decision making. And with all of that, how you can integrate this into a highly effective coaching approach.

  • Have a working definition of interoception for the exercise profession
  • Take away an understanding of the anatomy of interoception
  • Be able to explain the mechanisms by which we utilise our interoceptors in movement and in life
  • Take away strategies to boost physical outcomes for clients
  • Take away strategies to boost coaching skills

Categories covered

  • Exercise Prescription
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