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Glutes that Salute – MAX imise your potential

A Talk by Mark Hurdle

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Are your clients getting the glute MAXimum benefit from your training? This large muscle group can be a powerhouse of stabilisation, strength and speed………but do you know how to train them optimally?

There are a relatively small number of movements performed in our gym environment, but thousands of variations to those basic movements. It is important that trainers understand the basic movements and can identify ways to optimise muscle contractions.

This session will be focused on teaching you the basic functions of the Lumbo Pelvic Hip Complex, the muscles that can inhibit performance and how to optimise movements by properly engaging the glutes.

  • Can identify common compensations related to Hip Complex
  • Learn strategies to address compensations, using the corrective exercise continuum
  • Learn modifications to optimise a client’s workout
  • Can explain why the modification worked

20 November 2021, 03:15 AM

03:15 AM - 04:15 AM

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Mark Hurdle

Mark Hurdle