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19 November 2021, 11:30 PM

Female Muscle mass is a must in the over 50s

Nutritional approach to maintaining muscle in females over 50 As women age their ability to maintain and or gain muscle mass declines due to several physiological factors. The seminar will identify the factors and discuss practical nutritional approaches to advise clients to assist in keeping tissue integrity in this more mature demographic.

Identify the cohort stats and figures in Australia and NZ Identify the main physiological systems that may reduce muscle mass Discuss various comorbidities in the age group that may confound muscle gain Identify the main psychological factors that reduce muscle mass Provide sensible evidence-based approaches to increase, digest, absorb and distribute nutrients to maintain mass

Assoc. Prof. Teresa Mitchell - Paterson

ADV DIP NAT, BHSc Complementary Medicine, MHSc Nutritional Medicine, Post Grad Oncology Nutrition Certification.

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