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20 November 2021, 08:00 PM

Enhanced Cueing techniques for improved posture and form

Learn new and improved ways of communicating to clients how to achieve good posture and good exercise technique, and how to apply this to their day-to-day lives. Guide them to make small but important changes in how they move to address pain, better avoid injury, feel stronger and fitter and look better too.

• Learn about the needs and the benefits of spending more time on teaching your clients the basics of good posture and movement. • Understanding how by improving these basics that a trainer or instructor can instantly improve their clients’ engagement, their outcomes, their physical performance and life-long skills. • Learn how to quickly identify poor posture and movement habits. • Learn how to effectively simplify teaching postural and movement basics, by exploring different ways of cueing and instruction. • Learn how to help your clients to better understand: o How poor posture leads to muscle and joint pain, increased wear and tear, and poor movement and performance. o What is muscle imbalance; why and how it occurs; its impact on their muscles and joints, their posture and the way they move. o How to sit, stand, move and exercise with more postural awareness.

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