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19 November 2021, 09:45 PM

Eccentrically eccentric

A Talk by Andrew Chadwick

Resistance training has many benefits as you know. What if you could get more bang for buck by being able to really focus on the strongest part of your lift. Stressing the body more when it can handle it has the potential to create more bang for buck in resistance training. There is also now the possibility of being able to reduce the force applied to the lift during the initial and concentric phase of the lift while using the benefit of isometric training using the all new Vitruvian lifting platform! During this session you will be exposed to a new resistance training tool that is literally going to change the game.

  1. Learn the benefits of stressing the eccentric phase of resistance training.
  2. Be exposed to the Vitruvian ability to reduce load during the initial and concentric phases of a lift.
  3. Understand more about the application of isometric pauses during resistance training.

Categories covered

  • Strength and Conditioning
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