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21 November 2021, 12:30 AM

Defence against Dementia

A Talk by Suzanne Cox

The number of people with dementia is continually on the rise and the costs associated with this increase puts dementia as one of the most lethal health conditions we will encounter in the coming years. As we continue to make further progress in many other conditions, to date our progress in this field has been limited. We now know that cognitive training, management of heart conditions and an increase in physical activity are modifiable activities that can make a difference to the progression of the condition. This session will look at our modifiable risk factors and what we can do to defend ourselves, our loved ones and our clients from this horrible disease.

– Understanding the different types of dementia – Understanding the pathophysiology of dementia – Awareness of the signs and symptoms of the condition – Knowledge of the current research in modifiable risk factors and their application – Knowledge of the best forms of exercise for people with the condition – Awareness of other risk factors that can be involved – Practical session application that can be applied when working with this population group

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