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20 November 2021, 12:45 AM

Conversations to Clients

A Talk by Claudia Li

Unsure how to lead a conversation? Not quite sure how to make the conversation flow and ask the important questions from a prospect to find what they need and what their goals are?

Learn how to create your own unique sales process to turn your conversations whether on the phone or during a face to face consultation into a paying client

Clients to conversations is a proven structure on how to start the conversation, what to say and how to tell others about your offer/services

Ever get these objections? “Its too expensive..” “Let me think about it…” “I’ll check with my partner first…” “Send me an email…”

Learn what you can say to overcome them without being pushy and leads to you signing up a new client!

– Learn how to create your own sales script – Asking the right questions – How to prehandle objections before you get into the offer of your program – Learn how to challenge the prospects you speak to without being pushy – Know what to say when you get objections in your calls or consults

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