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21 November 2021, 12:30 AM

Carving out your niche and evolving with it

A Talk by Christie Houghton

Understand how knowing your niche market enables you to cater to your ideal client’s every need and provide them with solutions to specific obstacles they are currently challenged by. By doing this; gain the skills to evolve your business accordingly, become the authority in your chosen niche and stand out in the industry.

As a fitness and health coach specialising in women's fitness and wellbeing, I will explain how I carved my niche with women, developed as a trainer and evolved my business into the success that it is today. While my personal journey that I will refer to is with female clients of all stages, there will be an opportunity for people to reflect on their own situations and leave with the tools needed to delve deeper into their own niche markets. NB. This session is highly beneficial for both female and male trainers who train females as we look in-depth into this special population of 'women' as the chosen case study.

– understand the passions you have. – decipher how this becomes your niche. – recognise your client inside and out. – realise the solutions you can provide for your ideal client – recognise what their pain points might be in the future. - can you address these now?

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