Melody Schoenfeld


About this speaker

Melody Schoenfeld, is a highly educated, certified personal trainer with well over 20 years of training experience in many different disciplines. She holds a master’s degree in health psychology and writes and speaks both nationally and internationally on a wide variety of health and fitness subjects.

Melody has held state and American records in all three lifts in powerlifting (squat, bench press, deadlift) and competes in powerlifting and strongman competitions. Melody is also an aficionado of oldtime strongman shows of strength and performs feats such as tearing phone books and license plates in half and bending steel rebar, horseshoes, and nails.


The Psychology of Food

19 November 2021, 09:45 PM
Melody Schoenfeld

Fat Loss 101: The Best Diet For Fat Loss

20 November 2021, 08:00 PM
Melody Schoenfeld