John (JP) Polley

John (JP) Polley

20 November 2021, 12:45 AM

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About this Speaker

John Polley (JP) is an award-winning international presenter, author, master instructor and mentor. His Next Level educational mentorships and programs have impacted the entire industry in New Zealand, creating some of the most skilled and highly prized trainers and coaches in the country.

JP’s work is all about demonstrating the number one Next Level principle, that ‘Everything is connected to everything’. He blends functional anatomy, to myofascial mobility, to 3D movement, to play and high performance, mindset, emotions, social connection and even humour, and to how all these affect the human being, not just the human body. For JP, 3 dimensionality is more than sagittal, frontal and transverse planes; it’s also connecting with the human on mental, emotional AND physical planes.

JP is a passionate speaker with a sharp sense of humour, who connects with people on the human level and forms a collaborative energy to learning. In everything he does, he endeavours to deliver an educational experience, rather than just ‘another session’.