Alice Stolpe

Alice Stolpe

19 November 2021, 11:30 PM

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About this Speaker

Alice Stolpe is a well-established personal trainer, group fitness instructor, coach, and presenter having established thriving businesses in multiple cities around the world.

Completing a Masters of Science in Psychology has enabled her success across a broad range of clientele – from groups of at-risk seniors to high performance athletes and everyone in between.

Through working as a personal training manager, she has assisted up-and-coming trainers discover their own unique brand, grow their client base, and drive successful businesses.

A fierce competitor, Alice has developed her love of exercise through running track in the states where she competed at the national level. Stepping into a coaching role, she discovered her affinity to increasing the capability of her athletes and found her calling: improve the fitness of those around her. Alice moved to New Zealand shortly after and took up ultimate frisbee. Representing NZ at an international level and acting as the strength and fitness advisor for international teams gave Alice insight into team sport and fitness within large groups.

For Alice, it’s all about having fun while staying active. True motivation lies inside everyone and is nurtured by finding enjoyment in movement, however the individual chooses to express it. You will find her to be an engaging speaker, passionate about her subject, and devoted to the idea that that obstacles are necessary for growth – how we choose to surmount those obstacles defines us.